And Christmas ended… sweetly

This is a Roscon de Reyes:

It’s a brioche-like baked good, topped with candied fruit and sugar that hiddens a bean and a couple little surprises/figurines inside and we eat it today (Three Wise Men’s day) here in Spain.

The person that finds the bean is supposed to pay for the roscón next year and the ones that find the surprises are going to be lucky thorough 2019. I think it is similar to King cakes from Louissiana.

The roscón in the pictures… well, I baked it myself 😊 along with the doughnuts. If you want to make one, a simple brioche recipe will work. Normally you’d add a bit of “agua de azahar” (orange blossom water) into the dough. Here you’ll find one of my favorite brioche recipes (that can be cooked in a slow cooker).

The roscón is the last one of the many sweets and confections we eat during the holidays here in Spain. Christmas cookies, as in decorated sugar cookies, are not normal here. Turrón is the traditional main sweet treat these days; it’s basically a bar made with almonds, sugar, honey and eggs. The two kinds of turrón that come to everyone’s mind when you say it are turrón duro and turrón blando. Although there are many, many kinds of turrón these days (Chocolate turrón, yogurt and strawberries, creme brulee… you name it). I’d say that younger people are more into reimagined and updated versions of turrón and chocolates these days. Another thing that we love during the holidays are dried fruits and nuts. I should have taken some pictures, of the classic turrón, dried fruit and candies platter but I totally forgot!

I did take pictures of the amount of bombons I made for my family for Christmas Eve:

If these look like an insane amount of bombons, I’d only say that last year I made at least twice that many.

So today is the last day of the Christmas holidays.

Cheers to a happy new year!