Hello! this is me.

My name’s Rosana Laiz and I’m a Spanish architect, interested in design, 3D rendering, watercolor and oil painting, interior design, handmade jewels and all things pretty. I’m a foodie and I love cooking for friends and family. Oh, and I am definitively a crazy cat lady.

I live in León at the moment, but I’m originally from a teeny tiny village called Los Barrios de Gordón. If you want to see pictures of Spain and take a peek into my life, you can visit this blog and my instagram account.

While studying architecture in Valladolid we were taugh how to draw using pastels, ink, pencils… along with other less amusing things like structural calculations. I have great memories of my first year, like drawing classic greek and roman statues using charcoal and pastel pigments.

We also were taught how to draw street views of buildings in the city. It was fun… but the weather was too cold in winter and too hot in summer for sitting in the ground for 4 hours straight!

In the pictures you can see my office. I used to think that I simply needed a big table and my computer… but nowadays I need more and more room for making my handpainted designs, and storing my growing collection of color markers, pencils, watercolor pigments and loads of paper.

My father is a carpenter so he has made all the furniture in my office. And the brand new frame for the huge map above my desk. I have always been surrounded by creative friends and family. I truly believe that these creative people have had a great impact in how I manage the creative process while painting or designing.

This little adventure called blursbyai started in December 2013 and it’s my full time work now.  I hope you like my designs as much as I love creating them. Thank you very much for taking a look and enjoy your visit!

If you have any doubt, please, don’t hesitate to contact me.




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