Sweet holidays

Holidays are the perfect excuse for sweets. Like these homemade bonbons:

I made bombons for family and friends, which is a tradicion that started just last year.

The round ones in these boxes are filled with a mixture of coconut and sweet condensed milk. Then covered with milk chocolate. They are suprisingly easy to make!

My favorites are the white ones. Which are filled with matcha tea ganache.

The ones with the nuts on top are sugar-free, made with dark cocoa (so they are super bitter) and the ones with the small almonds are filled with dulce de leche and topped with sugared almonds and sea salt.

Bonbons are also great excuse for gatherings.

My friend Tati and I have mastered the ability of using any excuse as starter for gift-exchanging, sweets-eating coffee-and-tea-making and hours of talking.

For wrapping this post up, let’s take a look at a picture of Coco, my cat, biting into the Christmas lights. Isn’t he lovely? I had to take him away from the lights because I was afraid that he was going to suffer a shock.