World map with labels in german, and of course, watercolor…

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to spotlight a very special collection I’ve been working on: my World Maps with labels in German. This collection is dear to me and I’m excited to share them with you. Each piece is meticulously designed, focusing on rich colors and accurate details. Labels are readable, this is just a…

Exploring ranunculus through art and photography

Dive into the world of the delightful ranunculus flower with this blog post. Experience the sheer beauty of this spring star through artwork and photography capturing its vibrant hues and delicate petals. This post showcases ‘Arleth’ and ‘Sanyai’, two unique pieces of art depicting ranunculus in different styles and colors, alongside stunning photography. A must-read for flower lovers, home decor enthusiasts, and fans of springtime blooms.

Abstract oil paintings for everyday objects

I’m back today to put a spotlight on another one of my collections that’s really been making me smile lately: my Abstract Colorful Oil Texture Collection. This collection is all about capturing the beauty and energy of abstract oil textures and bringing it into your everyday life. The collection currently features a vibrant green camo…

Product spotlight: minimalistic lily branch line art

In my quest for clean and simple design elements that blend seamlessly into a variety of home décor styles, I’ve found that the beauty of line art never fails. Our spotlight today shines on one of my new designs – the “minimalistic lily branch line art”. Boasting a neutral palette of beige, white, and black,…

Oh, beige!

Hi! Coming at you straight from, here are some of the latest and greatest in beige, grey, and neutral designs. They’re just perfect for those sleek Scandinavian style gallery walls you’ve been dreaming of. Enjoy!

Spring wild peonies

Spring! It’s arguably the most exuberant season of the year, and one of its finest gifts to us is the blooming of wildflowers. This year, as a particular birthday treat from nature itself, I picked vibrant pink peonies from my small town, Los Barrios de Gordón, in León, Spain. View this post on Instagram A…

Sneak peek: new society6 store

Hey there! I’ve got some awesome news for you. I’ve also launched my second shop, (drumroll, please) ‘blursbyai part two‘ (I know, I know, so original, right?). This is where you’ll find all sorts of products with current city maps but with a vintage twist. Currently, we’re at 125 different cities, and guess what? That…

December 6

Pictures of some of my painterly collection artworks and holiday ornaments (I am obsessed with them). Find Painterly soul in my shop , (USA) Europosters (Europe, UK, España) Society6 (Worldwide)

In progress: digitizing lots of artworks!

That moment when you realize that you have 30+ artworks that are dry and ready to be scanned and digitally perfected… If anyone needs me I’ll be right by my scanner, stylus in hand.

Blursbyai’s artworks are on Artesta

[Spanish below] Fantastic news: Blursbyai is now on Artesta! Just in time for the most exciting month if you like shopping: November. They are already running their holiday promos. Puedes comprar desde España y me gustaría destacar mis exclusivos mapamundis con etiquetas en castellano.