Architectural sketches

Let’s start by saying that after looking for pictures for this post, I feel old. I studied Architecture in Valladolid. It’s a weird career because you are supposed to know maths, physics, structural calculations, art history, art aesthetics, building techniques, computer assisted drawing, modelling and rendering, project management… and you are supposed to have killer freehand…

25% off and free shipping at my society6 shop!

February 19 – February 21: 25% Off  and free shipping in my society6 shop by clicking this link. Start: Tuesday, FEBRUARY/19/2019 @ 12:00am PT End: Thursday, FEBRUARY/21/2019 @ 11:59pm PT We have multiple products! tapestries (best seller alert!), comforters, duvet covers, art prints, mugs, pillows, acrylic trays… everythign from a small 5×7″ print to a…

Antarctica or no Antarctica, that’s the problem.

I get asked many times if I can add Antarctica to my maps, so I’m going to list the options here. This is the layout I have most of my maps in: (with more or less labels on them) In this layout, Antarctica can be added in its full size at the bottom because it…

One of a kind printable files for Valentine’s day

There’s still time! That’s the beauty of printables, that they make great last minute gifts 🙂 I can make files for you to print locally. Like my “Abey” printable world map with cities in neutral watercolor: Please leave a note or send me a message if you are in a rush!

Custom designed wedding invitations

I’ve been working on new designs for both Minted challenges and my customers and I thought I would showcase them as samples in my own shop: Custom designed printable wedding invitations by blursbyai. If you are looking for a fresh design or something that you can’t find anywhere else ready made, I’m right here!

Wrapping paper!

Wrapping paper available in my society6 store! Yay! Like this hand painted watercolor pattern below (coral+green or pink+gray)

Personalized printable Valentine’s day cards

Personalized printable Valentine’s day or anniversary cards that are gender neutral 🙂 and can be customized with your own love story. Like this chalkboard printable card in a combo of fonts: Or this glitter font printable card, which is a very antique design of mine. It’s from 2012! I’ve made quite a few… xoxo!

Thanks for loving me when I am hangry card

With icing letters and heart sprinkles on top of a chocolate cake! Get the “Thanks for loving me when I am hangry card” from my redbubble store or my society6 store – it’s perfect for Valentine’s day!   Or, a more classical saying: “I love you more than cake” from my redbubble store or my society6 store. xoxo…

And Christmas ended… sweetly

This is a Roscon de Reyes: It’s a brioche-like baked good, topped with candied fruit and sugar that hiddens a bean and a couple little surprises/figurines inside and we eat it today (Three Wise Men’s day) here in Spain. The person that finds the bean is supposed to pay for the roscón next year and…

Sweet holidays

Holidays are the perfect excuse for sweets. Like these homemade bonbons: I made bombons for family and friends, which is a tradicion that started just last year. The round ones in these boxes are filled with a mixture of coconut and sweet condensed milk. Then covered with milk chocolate. They are suprisingly easy to make!…

Gift wrapping (with the help of printables)

Christmas is almost here! If you are like me, you’ve left all the gift-wrapping for the last minute. I’ve got a couple ideas to dress those last minute gifts up! Shopping list: Printer ink and matte printer thick paper (or cardstock) kraft paper roll kraft paper bags (optional, but useful for small items) cotton twine (mine…

Printable holiday gift tags

My new printable merry Christmas and happy holidays gift tags with watercolor greenery make great gift tags for last minute gift-wrapping. More pictures coming soon – I must go wrap some gifts 🙂 Also available as printed stickers in my society6 shop (happy holidays, merry christmas) and redbubble shop (happy holidays, merry christmas).