Happy holidays 2018! Gift ideas for everyone.

Oh well, so it’s that time of the year again! (Happy dancing!).

Here at blursbyai, we are ready for the holiday season with new items, all time favorites, and great deals.

By all time favorites I mean 5 year favorites, because in december 1st 2018 I’m celebrating my 5th shop anniversary! Yay!!

By the way, I can’t believe that it’s been 5 years already.


So, what do we have here?

We have printable holiday decor, from floral and calligraphy religious artworks:

To modern and clean, yet fun new designs:

To hand painted original illustrations. Hey, who doesn’t like cookies?

If you are not into printables, that’s totally fine.

In my society6 store there are much more fun items for the holidays!

We’ve got new holiday cards!

But I  must confess that I have a favorite this year. It’s the lace snowflakes design:

Pstttt have you seen the acrylic trays and boxes yet? They are new. How sleek are these! I’m loving them, seriously.

The box is 4x4x3 ” and can be used for storage or as a small gift box.

The acrylic serving trayis available in two sizes, and equally suitable for modern decor and gift giving. Here’s a picture:

Following on the gift-giving mood… let’s discuss my favorite topic. You guessed it: maps.

We have personalized push pin maps! These are push pin maps on canvas, ready to hang. With or without floating frame.

Most of the times my customers are wifes and girlfriends ordering a gift for their partner. And the best sellers are the neutral ones:

The rustic ones,

Or the gray ones: (this map below is highly detailed).

If looking for a push pin map for a gift around $100 – I have small push pin maps of the world and the USA:

These are ready to hang, whether you select a floating frame or not. The only thing that’s not included are the push pins – so sorry about that 🙁 I haven’t found a way to send these.  But you can order push pins here.

On those personalized push pin maps we can add a quote, a map key, a monogram, names… check the personalization options here. And if you have any question, just message me.

If you are a pinterest addict, and a diy-er, like myself, maybe you want to craft your own push pin map. I’ve got you covered. Thre are hundreds of printable world maps in my shop and a diy-guide for making a push pin map here in my blog.https://blursbyai.com/2018/04/26/making-a-diy-travel-push-pin-map-with-one-of-blursbyais-printable-maps/

So… printable world maps… most people want them personalized and detailed.  Recommended designs:

If you are looking for a small one, this printable world map in neutral watercolor with countries and states, starts at 20×16 inches.

Interested in the 36×24″ size? Here, same color, world map with cities and capitals.

Oversized maps? Plenty of them. XXL and extra detailed world maps, like the same world map in the neutral color combination below:

Whichever the map you choose, if it’s personalized we can add a quote, a map key, a monogram, names… check the personalization options here. And if you have any question, just email me.

NEW IN: personalized neighbourhood maps.


Maps without personalization… cream and navy blue…

While this one is an antique world map in a very unusual color combination, rose gold and teal.

Would be perfect for an eclectic decor, with suede, wood, glass accents, metallic items and mirrors.

When gift-shopping for millenials and college students you can’t forget tapestries. Trust me. Tapestries are trendy!

Which reminds me of the other thing that’s trendy: watercolor florals. What if I told you that there’s a mix of watercolor florals and a world map? Here one sample: Aquamarine watercolor world map with flowers and leaves.

And a review of said tapestry: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bg6qiubjCF7/ She is just lovely! Thank you @sincerely_shanna !

More floral world maps 🙂

Keeping on the bohemian vibes: watercolor loose bouquets and floral illustrations in general – this year I’ve been painting a lot. And slowly editing and adding these to the shops. This soft pastels bohemian bouquet print is one of my favorites:

Also available as printable files, of course!

People and house portraits in watercolor! Hand illustrated, scanned and conveniently send as printable files (or prints upon request). More info about house portraits here and couple/family portraits here.


Oh, the new year! A moment for partying, dancing, toasting and reinventing oneself.

Time for party-planning: printable new year invitation templates like this one (“the best is yet to come“) are available:

Time for getting organized! We’ve got 2019 printable calendars and planner pages:

Or wall calendars, printed on thick paper. Just use some washi tape and stick them to the wall!

Calendars are also available at my society6 store as 18×24″ posters, art prints and wall tapestries.  Or at my redbubble store, as posters and photo prints.

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