blursbyai’s maps: names, quotes, badges and map legends for pushpin maps or travel maps

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Hello! By now I’ve made thousands of maps (I started working on blursbyai in 2013) and I want to show you some of the options. Here’s an overview.


I normally write a couple names like this (slanted with an oversized ampersand):


If a established date or wedding date needs to be added, there are a couple options:

If the map is for a single person we can add their name or:

Or a family name:



Map keys or map legends for marking travels if you are ordering a push pin map or making one yourself.

The following image shows my most requested, simple-style map key (default placement):

world map with map key

Digital Maps for Graphic Design

We can write whatever you need and the colors of the map key will match the colors in map.

custom map key map legend with family name for push pin travel maps

Or, if you are looking for something a little more special, there are monograms, compass roses and more ornate map keys available. (Click to enlarge)

As I said, we can write whatever is needed.

Compass roses.

A closer look to compass roses for world maps: (click to enlarge)

Monogram badges.

And this is how we can place these items in the world map:

blursbyai-galletas corazon 01

Thanks for looking!

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