Making a diy travel push pin map with one of blursbyai’s printable maps

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Hello everyone! Today I want to leave a couple links and ideas about how to make a simple and inexpensive diy travel push pin map with one of my printable world maps!

November 2020 update: NEW VIDEO! English audio/English subs

September 2020 update: NEW VIDEO! Spanish audio/English subs

The rest of the post will be updated soon.

Choosing a printable map ~

The first thing to consider when picking a world map is the size you want your pinboard to be. The larger the size, the more detailed the map can be. Best selling size is 36×24″. because it’s not too big or small.

I’ve got many map styles in my shop, both ready to be downloaded (in a variety of sizes, colors and quotes), editable printable maps that you can edit yourself, and customizable world maps.

Browse all printable world maps in

Best sellers:

Abey, personalized world map, in neutral watercolor style. Available  as world map with cities and as world map with countries & states.

Earth tones, multi panel map / single panel map. Multi panels are great because you can get a really large statement piece without the troubles of managing, shipping, or hanging a really large size, like 60×40″ in a single panel. I myself have a set of world map prints in my own living room, instead of a large single piece.

Lucille, rustic personalized world map, available as world map with cities and as world map with countries & states labelled.

Don’t see what you are looking for? No problem, I can make a custom one for you. Just message me!

If you prefer a ready-made, ready-to-hang push pin map please visit: all push pin maps by blursbyai.


Material choices for a simple and inexpensive diy push pin map ~




You can order a print on foamboard from ,, or (for example). The only thing you have to do is uploading the printable world map ordered from me, just like you’d order copies of your digital camera pictures.

I always recommend getting a frame if you have your map printed on foamboard because the edges sometimes are PERFECT but others, they aren’t. It can be any frame (from a local shop, online @ amazon, etc)


I can not find this option for the USA, but if you are in Europe, this is a fantastic option.

What is Forex? – you might be wondering. Forex (R) is a rigid, light and thick, plastic like material that is used mostly in Europe. More info about push pin maps made with forex here. 

I do have a print  on forex of my highly detailed USA map in my office, right above my desk. It’s this one below and it helps a lot when I get inquiries from customers. Mine is 100×70 centimeters.

The edges of those Forex prints tend to be nice and clean so, most of the times you won’t need a frame. You can display the push pin map directly.

Option #3: Print on paper + DIY foamboard backing + frame.

Last year I made this framed push pin board with one of my maps, for a dear friend of mine. So, I want to show you how I made it because it is very easy.

You will need:

Do it yoursef:

My frame was not store-bought, so I painted and varnished it.

My father, who used to be a carpenter, made this simple wood frame for me.

I was looking for a distressed look, so I painted the frame twice with satin finish varnish. Then, on top of that, I painted a coat of white acrylic paint. Then I sanded the frame until it looked grunge and distressed :

After that, I coated it in satin varnish again.

A frame + a foamcore board + a map print.

I measured foamboard to fit the frame and then I taped the map on top of the foam, centered:

Then, I placed the foam inside the frame:

On the back we used the ugliest nails we had at hand (for securing the foam inside the frame):

That’s it!

The map is ready for push pins:

Option #4: Print on paper + a frame that’s backed with foamboard.

This is an option if you are looking for a size that’s 41×27″ or smaller. You need a map printed on paper and a frame that is backed with foamboard like these from Frameusa.

Option #5: Print on Forex

There’s this plastic-like material called Forex that can be used directly for printing push pin maps. More info and pictures here.

Option #6: Canvas print + cork tiles

This is the most complicated way, but… If you order an inexpensive canvas print from, for example, you can order adhesive cork tiles from Amazon and stick them on the back. They don’t need to be too thick for providing support for the push pins.

Push pins for your map.

I’ve gathered some recommended shops for purchasing push pins here.

As always, I’m right here if you have any questions: