Where can I buy push pins or stickers for my map?


Where can I puchase map tacks or stickers for my map? is a question that I’m frequently asked.

If your map is printed on canvas – you can use needle push pins on it directly and they will hold.

If your map is a print, mounted on a foam core board or corkboard, you can use needle push pins on it as well. Be careful, the push pins will leave holes if you move them.

If your map is a print and you don’t want to make holes on it, you can use stickers. There are lots of options out there, in many shapes and colors. Stickers can be used on top of the print itself or on top of the glass (or acrylic sheet) of the frame. This option is recommended for museum quality prints that are supposed to last for 100+years. You don’t want to make holes on those!


If you want to purchase a map from my shop, I have many designs to choose from! Like personalized printable maps & personalized printed and mailed maps.



Now let’s talk about push pins.

These are my favorite: 360 metallic needle push pins in 6 colors (rose gold or copper, silver, dark grey, bronze and two shades of gold.

set of metallic push pins for blursbyai maps_

rose gold push pins blursbyai maps_

If you want to go the colorful route while supporting small business, you can order push pins from CraftyElephant on Etsy.

She sells 10 colors of pins, 100 pins per box, for $6.00, including shipping. The MULTI-COLOR box contains pins of several colors, all mixed together in one box. Multi colored boxes contain a few pins of each color in each box, but the counts per color per box will vary. The boxes come pre-packed by the manufacturer.


Can’t get enough? No problem, she sells larger sets: Set of 200 push pins, Set of 300 push pins.

Link to map tacks on Amazon.com. There are many options to choose from! These are 1/8 inch map tacks (also called needle push pins) I ordered from Amazon, pinned in one of my highly detailed world map canvas prints:

2016-05-11 12.14.59

1/8 map tacks I ordered from Amazon



Now let me show you some stickers from other fellow Etsy sellers. Click on the image to visit each shop:


Map stickers from Planner Press:

Map stickers

Tiny hexagon stickers by CraftedByCorley (She offers the option of removable matte paper, which is great for maps):


Tiny dot stickers by CraftedByCorley (again, there is the option of removable matte paper, which is great for maps):


Thumbtack stikers by CraftedByCorley (removable matte paper available)

Thumbtack Stickers by craftedbycorley

Clear stickers are so cool! Check EmelysPlannerShop and you’ll find all these:

Tiny dot stickers by CheeksAndCharm


Heart stickers by PeacefulmindDesign:


Transparent dot stickers by EclecticallyEmily:


Black small heart stickers by chickydoddle:



Let’s support small business! (All images belong to the shops linked) Thank you for reading!