November 16th, home decorating progress

Just a round-up of photos – have you noticed I love taking pictures and holiday decorations?

These white ceramic houses and trees are my latest obsession. I’ve been collecting them for three or four years now. They are from Zara Home, Tedi, Pepco, Primark and ChrisSueMuenster on Etsy (check her shop, you can thank me later).

The plants in that corner are going to be holiday decor this year. Still a work in progress.

Blitz and Miu are doing quite well at the moment. They are 19 y.o. and they suffer chronic illnesses. Miu’s fur (the tortie’s fur) is super soft and fluffy, which is a sign of good health.

This vignette is still a work in progress. I think I am going to do a winter forest theme for the tabletop tree.