Decorating a small tabletop Christmas tree

Today, I’m going to show you various ways to decorate a small tabletop Christmas tree, standing at 60 cm (around 23.6 inches) in height, with budget-friendly ornaments.

We’ll begin with a Christmas tree nestled in a decorative velvet green planter, adorned with simple warm white fairy lights. Let’s dive into three creative options to transform this tiny tree into a festive centerpiece.

For our first option, let’s create a floral-themed tree. Use white flower-shaped ornaments with feathers and a touch of glitter. These delicate floral accents will give your mini Christmas tree an elegant and whimsical feel. Add a few faux flower picks to complete the look.

Those flower ornaments are from Pepco (a home and clothing company in Europe).

Our second option embraces the natural winter theme. Decorate your mini tree with snow-covered pinecones and white berry picks. The frosted pinecones add a rustic touch, while the white berries provide a wintery contrast.

The little white picks and the frosted pinecones are from Pepco. The large white picks are from Eminza.

For those who prefer a touch of traditional red, our third option involves a natural red-themed tree.

Use red berry picks (from El Corte Inglés and Pepco) and pomegranate-shaped ornaments (from Tedi), both in vibrant red hues. This combination radiates a cozy, festive atmosphere that’s perfect for the holiday season. Your mini Christmas tree will become a cheerful focal point in any room.


This was my Christmas tree last year: It had white glittery stars in two sizes that I got from Tedi.

With these creative and budget-friendly ideas, you can transform your small tabletop Christmas tree into a delightful holiday centerpiece. Happy decorating!