November 16th, home decorating progress

Just a round-up of photos – have you noticed I love taking pictures and holiday decorations? These white ceramic houses and trees are my latest obsession. I’ve been collecting them for three or four years now. They are from Zara Home, Tedi, Pepco, Primark and ChrisSueMuenster on Etsy (check her shop, you can thank me…

Lone fir in the snow

An oil painting of a fir in the snow, inspired by vintage paintings Cozy, right? This pillow cover is a sample from my Redbubble store. Get yours here.

Holiday decor accent with tiny houses

Just for inspiration, here’s a cozy holiday vignette that I made with a few bottle brush pine trees, a stainless steel tray, a short strand of fairy lights, and the cutest little white ceramic townhouses.

Simple holiday accent with picks

If you love decorating like I do, I bet you already have lots of small picks and ribbons bought. Here’s a simple way to put them to use this year as small accents throughout the house. Start with two similar picks or two of the same design. Then add something else to break the symmetry…

Decorating a small tabletop Christmas tree

Today, I’m going to show you various ways to decorate a small tabletop Christmas tree, standing at 60 cm (around 23.6 inches) in height, with budget-friendly ornaments. We’ll begin with a Christmas tree nestled in a decorative velvet green planter, adorned with simple warm white fairy lights. Let’s dive into three creative options to transform…

And to all a good night

Golden Floral Holiday Print: ‘And to All a Good Night’—a Simple, Elegant Festive Touch.

“Feliz y mágica Navidad” minted greeting card

This is one of my favorite holiday designs! It was an editor’s pick in a Minted design challenge and is therefore sold as one of their exclusive products: a gold foil-pressed card. They were looking for a card with text in Spanish, and that’s what I excel at! My card reads “Feliz y mágica Navidad”…

Christmas trees wrapping paper with gold foil

And other holiday goodies are ready for the holiday season in my Minted store. We have matching customizable gift tags and stickers! (That link is an affiliate link; this means that, if you make a purchase after clicking them, I will get a small commision, so you’d be supporting my small business!)

Scattered geometric snowflakes

A minimal, yet cute design for the cold season! White background and black background versions are already up in my Redbubble store. There are mugs, zip pouches, drawstring bags, throw blankets and pillows, lots of stickers… I also have separate snowflakes (that you can see in my DIY Primark frames wall statement decor) and I’ve…

DIY mug gift set

Hey ! You know, sometimes it’s the simplest of gifts that leave the most lasting impressions. At the moment I’m loving gift idea that’s not just heartwarming but also super versatile for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, a thank-you gesture, or just because you feel like it – this DIY mug gift set fits,…