What I made with 12 Primark frames

About a month ago I spotted these golden frames at Primark and immediately knew I wanted to create something special with them.

So I went home and sketched an idea…

What if I combined 12 frames to craft a holiday wall art centerpiece? I quickly returned to Primark to purchase the frames. Given that my local Primark is on the smaller side, I was concerned they might run out of the frames I needed. I was set on the gold color, though they also offer these frames in white and black.

So this is the process of making the frame structure itself:

I used two kinds of glue (Loctite super glue 3 and contact glue), a stapler, craft clamps, acetone (for cleaning any contact glue drips) and cotton ear buds.

This is exactly what I was envisioning. The 12 frames would act both as a centerpiece and as a backdrop for some of my holiday decor and the yummy treats I like to display on top of that console. By the way, that credenza was made by my dad! He was a carpenter, so I asked him for a custom credenza with the only requirement that the Ikea drawers (the ones that fit inside their Kallax series shelving) fit mine as well.

What do you think so far? Would you do something like this yourself?

Then it was time to think about what to display as art. It needed to be something clean, minimalistic, and not busy since I was going to display items near and around the frames. So I opted for geometric snowflakes, which I made just for this occasion.

I also used 6 command stripes to fix the whole piece to the wall; Easy to use and easy to remove, these are the best.

For those interested, I’ve curated a geometric snowflakes collection here in my society6 shop. I’ve uploaded various compositions, including a playful scattered pattern and a piece featuring all 12 snowflakes. Soon, I’ll be adding individual designs for each of the 12 snowflakes.

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That wraps things up for now. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be rummaging through my storage, fetching all the holiday decorations…

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