Summary of the lockdow (II): Birthday edition!

All right, all right… it was not a complete lockdown: I was able to go for a walk with my life partner in crime, since we are allowed to go out at certain times of the day (with the people we live with)!

I spent most of the day on my phone answering calls and messages… but we had time for making homemade pasta: ravioli filled with ricotta, gouda and parmesan cheese.

Served with pesto!


In the afternoon I got my cuelga and my cake. A cuelga is a tradition from León that we do on birthdays; it’s a long necklace where you tie or sew sweets or, some times, savory food. Mine has Kinder Shokobons!

And as a chocoholic, I couldn’t be happier!

The cake… my version of Tastemade’s chocolate cake crusted cheesecake.

With strawberry cheesecake at the bottom and star fruit, chocolates and physalis on top!

As you can see, I take birthday cakes very seriously.

It was a lovely day, a different, but lovely birthday day, in the best of company.