Summary of the lockdown (Part 1)

I should have written this entry long ago… but better late than never.

The spanish lockdown started on march 15, 2020 (let’s write the year down for the future…). And since then we’ve been self-quarentining, working from home, social distancing and trying to make the most out of our time.

Luckily, I am able to work from my home studio, as I always do. Painting doesn’t really feel like working to me, to be honest…

And even more luckily, I am not alone… I live with @theimpalah and we don’t get bored easily.

I’ve been cooking and baking a lot. It feels like I’ve made 1000+ coffee cakes and muffins…

At one point, in mid-april, bread flour, yeast and baking powder were hard to purchase at the grocery store because, apparently, everyone was baking bread and coffee cakes. Guess what… I always purchase yeast and baking powder… look what I had:

40 packets of yeast and 18 packets of baking powder…

@Impalah wanted to trade them for a Ferrari, given the demand.

We made croissants from scratch. It was very satisfying!  They were filled with Nocilla (a spanish chocolate hazelnut spread) and dusted with powdered sugar. Simply delicious.

Our anniversary cake. A dark chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, chocolate ganache, strawberries and milk chocolate decorations.

This concoction here is my version of crack pie: Recipe.I must confess that I subsituted white sugar for date paste and freeze-dried corn for polenta… Can this still be called crack pie? No, it definitively can’t. It was delicious, indulgent and rich, though.

We’ve also made donuts, but I’ll tell you about these in my next post.

A lot of baked goods, I know. In my defense we also eat a lot of vegetables and fruits!

Let me share with you a newly found healthy favorite: chickpea flower nachos! Recipe. Chickpea flower + water + salt + spices + baking powder. Yummy.

A couple of staples during quarentine-time that everyone was doing: sourdough starter and dalgona coffee.

Check and check.

I used the sourdough starter to make donuts (like Brad and Claire did) and, of course, I failed misserably. They got raised and cooked but they were awful! Ha!

FYI I didn’t like the dalgona coffee (I made it twice). Check Emmy’s video if you want to make it for yourself. She is lovely!

A couple favorites on Youtube: BA, Rachel Loves Life

The cats are doing what they best do:

But they have also joining me in the balcony (or wanting to to outside).

As the cover your face recommendation seems to be here to stay, one sunday saturday morning I decided that I wanted to make face masks. I found this video (in spanish) and there I went. The fabric I found at home had… unsurprisingly, maps printed on it. It is cotton.

Before and after comparisons… I’m blonder and my hair is way longer!

More updates coming soon! Please let me know in the comments what have you been up to or join me on instagram @blursbyai.