Summary of the lockdow (III): who wants a donut? [Video]

Baking has been, definitively, one of the more fulfilling hobbies for these weeks…

My life partner in crime and I recorded a video of me making donuts and then he edited it and composed the music. Now he’s been designated as the official household video editor and music composer.

Without furter ado, here’s my donut recipe:

Please don’t @me about the using of both yeast and baking powder. I saw it on recipes of angel biscuits and crumpets and I thought I’d give it a try. The texture of my donuts was absolutely fluffy and airy, so, I’m happy!

The shape of the korean twisted donuts were inspired by this recipe from Maangchi. She is fantastic! Go check her channel if you don’t know her.

Besides making (and eating) these I’ve also been drawing a lot of colorful donuts…

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Work in progress… #donuts

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… And then a lot of products were born!



This is an instant personalized gift you make from a printable file! It’s a printable artwork that you can edit… By default it comes with my name and my recipe but it can be edited to reflect your aunt’s name and recipe… Edit, download, print and gift! It’s perfect for a home baker kitchen.

Take a look at the demo of this printable illustrated recipe here.

A similar one…


A gift idea for home cooks, bakers and foodies! The name on the storefront is editable (demo here).

For the donut monster… Lots and lots of fun products!

Floral donuts print – browse around, there are 50+ products  with this illustration in my society6 shop.

Floral donuts serving tray…

Or wrapping paper!

In Redbubble we artists have been offered the opportunity to create fabric masks… so… maybe this donut mask will brighter someones’s day:

Browse more products in my Redbubble store.

The bold classic donuts in mint, pink and hot pink:


If you are a designer but you don’t illustrate, a seller, of a crafter, these are for you. Lots of illustrations and huge repeatting patterns.

If you’ve made it this far into the post you’ve certainly deserve a donut and a cup of coffee! I hope you like my video and you give these a try 🙂