Where can I print my printable files?

IMG_3709_sqNeeding ideas about how to print one of my maps as push pinboard for marking your travels?

Check my definitive guide for making a diy travel push pin map.


Needing ideas for printing the printable files ordered from blursbyai digital shop?

You can have them printed…


In a brick and mortar shop.

Walmart, Costco, Kinkos, FedEx, Office Depot, Staples, your local printers…

Or you can use an online finisher, like these:



Lumaprints.com  ~ COUPON CODE ALERT! In Lumaprints you can use coupon code blursbyai at checkout for 50% off product value (excluding shipping)! It’s valid storewide.

Lumaprints makes:

  • Fine art paper prints
  • Fine art paper prints backed with foamcore board (that can be used as push pin maps)
  • Canvas prints
  • Canvas prints with a foamcore underlayer (that can be used as push pin maps)
  • Framed canvas prints with floating frames (black, silver, white and gold)
  • Metal prints

Lumaprints offers:

  • Great customer service
  • Shipping from California
  • Fast turnaround and rush options



Print store ~ Frame store ~ World map store ~ COUPON CODE ALERT! In Artisan you can use coupon code blursbyai10 at checkout for 10% off product value (excluding shipping)! It’s valid storewide.  HOLIDAY DEAL: USE MAP20 for 20% off your order! MORE INFO

Artisan makes:

  • My framed push pin maps in 40+ choices of mouldings
  • Photo paper prints
  • Fine art paper prints
  • Fine art paper prints backed with foamcore board (that can be used as push pin maps)
  • Canvas prints
  • Canvas prints with a foamcore underlayer (that can be used as push pin maps)
  • Metal prints
  • Framed prints in 40+ choices of mouldings.

Artisan offers:



http://www.snapfish.com/ -> For small photo prints, like 5×7″ and 8×10″ prints (wedding signs, table numbers, sparkly backgrounds signs…) that you are going to use at an event and then you won’t keep them, I would definitively recommend Snapfish!

http://www.catprint.com/ -> Invitations, RSVP, postcards. Totally recommended. I’ve sent many brides here during the past 3 years.


If you are in Canada you can use:

Lumaprints.com -> They are in California but they ship world wide.




If you are in Australia you can use:


http://www.thecanvasfactory.com.au/canvas-photo-prints/  (Not recommended for multi-panel maps)

Prints on foamboard – they allow the use of push pins.


If you are in Europe you can use:

http://www.pixum.co.uk/ (And select your country at the bottom)


https://www.eframe.co.uk/printandframe/ (Prints and frames)

https://www.myposter.de/ (Germany)


How much does printing a printable file cost?

Here it is a quick snapshot of photo labs – for photo prints. Only for reference. Please visit each site for details.


Resolution  warnings.

Sometimes you’d get a resolution warning in Costco photo center or in Walgreens. Basically it says that the file is not big enough and sometimes this is a glitch and the file is correct and way bigger than needed.

Sample: A 30×20″, 300 dpi file is 9000×6000 pixels. If you try to print this at Walgreens, you’d get a resolution warning. And if you look at the ir size chart you can see that for a 30×20″ picture they recommend a file that is 2700×1800 pixels. Mine is way bigger than 2700×1800 pixels and I still get the warning.

So I just ignore it 🙂

I hope this helps!

– Rosana

Ps – If you want to avoid these problems, you can order in Lumaprints.com or Artisan Print & Frame Co. instead. Their customer service are actual persons 🙂


If you want me to recommend where to print a particular item, just message me and send me:

  • the link to the printable file listing or image
  • size you want to print it
  • if you want a canvas
  • if you want to use it as travel pinboard