A Closer Look: Manet’s “The Rest”

Hello art enthusiasts!

Let’s dive into a personal favorite, “The Rest”, a portrait of Berthe Morisot by Édouard Manet. Berthe, herself an accomplished artist and Manet’s sister-in-law, is striking against the muted backdrop. She’s seated on a rich burgundy sofa, her 1870’s style white dress a striking contrast.

What draws me in is her left hand, delicately resting on the sofa – a subtle yet powerful display of relaxed elegance. Manet’s loose, small brush strokes, typical of the Impressionist style, bring an organic feel to her dress.

The painting is not just a portrait, it’s a brilliant interplay of light, color, and texture, an epitome of the Impressionist era.

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Enjoy bringing a piece of history into your home!

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