World map with labels in german, and of course, watercolor…

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to spotlight a very special collection I’ve been working on: my World Maps with labels in German. This collection is dear to me and I’m excited to share them with you. Each piece is meticulously designed, focusing on rich colors and accurate details.

Labels are readable, this is just a low-resolution image.

The collection includes six beautifully colorful watercolor designs and a neutral, rustic style design. Whether you are drawn to bright hues or prefer a more understated look, I’m confident there’s something in this collection to suit your taste.

You can purchase these as prints or as wall murals – perfect to make a statement in your home, office or learning space.

World map with labels in German by blrusbyai from Europosters

For those of you in Europe or the UK, you can head over to Europosters to buy these pieces. Don’t forget to use my code BLURSBYAI10 for 10% off.

And for my friends in other parts of the world, don’t worry, Society6 offers worldwide shipping. There are lots of products there, from desk mats to wall murals!

So go ahead, explore the collection, and bring a piece of the world to your living space!

Until next time,