Spring wild peonies

Spring! It’s arguably the most exuberant season of the year, and one of its finest gifts to us is the blooming of wildflowers. This year, as a particular birthday treat from nature itself, I picked vibrant pink peonies from my small town, Los Barrios de Gordón, in León, Spain.

Peonies bloom every year around my birthday, and I like to think of them as Mother Nature’s way of sending me her personal birthday wishes. Such a thoughtful gift, don’t you think? You can see them in the pictures here, adding a pop of fresh color and lively energy to my indoor jungle.

They are elegantly posed against a backdrop of my abstract art prints called ‘Myung.’ The Myung series, with its blend of ovals, arcs, and waves in earthy terracotta, soothing salmon, and crisp white, delivers an aesthetically calming yet intriguing visual experience.

What I absolutely love about abstract art like the Myung series is how versatile it can be when it comes to home decor. The pieces serve as an ideal backdrop to any decorative elements you might want to feature. They perfectly complement and enhance any adornments you choose, be it vases, sculptures, trays, or even a stack of your favorite books.

Check some of my prints in this abstract style here in my society6 shop (worldwide shipping) or here in Europosters (Uk, Spain, Europe) – 10% off if you use my code BLURSBYAI10.

So, next time you’re thinking about changing up your space, remember this: a touch of nature, a splash of art, and a dash of your personal style can turn any spot into your little sanctuary!