Meet my furry family: the stars of @thegatines on Instagram

In the midst of a busy life full of art and creativity, there’s always room for a moment of simple, furry delight. For me, those delightful moments often come from spending time with my fabulous feline family.

If you head over to Instagram and follow @thegatines, you’ll find me sharing snippets of life with my terrific trio of cats – Blitz, Miu, and Coco. If you’re a cat lover or someone who simply enjoys the unique charm and personality of these delightful creatures, then this is a space you won’t want to miss.


Meet Blitz, our 19-year-old gray tabby. She’s been sporting a bit of a grumpy demeanor since her kittenhood, but that’s just part of her unique charm, adding a sprinkle of feline “cattitude” to our lives.


Next up is Miu, our 18-year-old tortie. She’s a tricolor beauty who never fails to impress with her good behavior. Always calm and composed, Miu knows just how to steal hearts with her endearing nature.


And let’s not forget Coco, our young, black and white little adventurer. A tree-climbing enthusiast, Coco’s love for scaling great heights keeps our home buzzing with energy and fun.


Our furry family extends beyond our home too. We often have feline visitors from the neighborhood at our countryside abode, adding even more charm and excitement to our days and our Instagram feed.

So why not come join us? Follow @thegatines on this journey full of purrs, paws, and playful antics. Looking forward to connecting with all the fellow cat enthusiasts out there!