Sweet tooth

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is arranging platers with sweets and cookies…

Nuts and dried fruits…

My father made this wooden carved tray, by the way. He is a retired carpenter.

We were only 4 people for the holidays this year so the assortment was not huge.

Some of the sweets are homemade. Like these polvorones:

That is basically dark chocolate fudge.

The off-white squares are pieces of turrón de nata con nueces (almonds, cream and walnuts). It’s both easy to make and yummy!

I also enjoy pretty coffee cups. I purchased several of these this year (to be given as gifts) and one for myself.

This is how my wooden tree looks. It is in the patio at my family house, and, again, my father made it:

Simple. No tree skirt or collar this year. I am thinking of adding some chopped wood at the bottom 🤔. I did it years ago and it looked great.

Happy holidays everyone!