Feliz Día de Todos los Santos

This year I went rogue with my desserts…

Today you are supossed to have huesos de santo or panellets or buñuelos; but I really felt like baking a cake.

This image below was taken in Barcelona and shows a fall showcase in a bakery.

As I said I wanted a cake.

It’s a simple yellow cake with coffee buttercream filling (made with condensed milk), nutella extra filling and toasted almonds.

Absolutely delicious.

I also made panellet bars.

A panellet is normally a ball-shaped marzipan confection, coated in pine nuts, almonds or hazelnuts. I used to make them, but rolling each ball individually is soooo time consumming!

Throwback image of my panellets:

And some images of the absolutely november-y day we had today here in León.