Paint the world – coloring book

Yay! My first ever coloring book is now for sale!

What’s inside the book?

A collection of maps, with and without labels. The world in different projections, and then close ups of different areas. The labels are written in English.

What can it be used for?

Coloring books and pages are quite popular these days! It can be also used for learning geography or for marking travels and bucket lists (there’s white room for you to add notes, stickers, lists…).

Where can I get one?

Get yours at, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon España, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, and Amazon Japan.


Time for some pictures…

There are some world maps included:

And then there are close ups like this one:

The detailed area on the right is marked on the left. It has lots of labels, and then the next page…

Has no labels at all.

South America and Central America:

Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.


India, China…



Then we have a world map with America in the center:

Then we have a close up of North America, with and without labels:

Followed by a close up of the United States contiguous states:

We’ll be finishing with a close up of the Caribbean area and all those islands!

Thank you for supporting an independent artist and I hope you like this new book,