Gift wrapping (with the help of printables)

Christmas is almost here!

If you are like me, you’ve left all the gift-wrapping for the last minute. I’ve got a couple ideas to dress those last minute gifts up!

Shopping list:

I made a batch of bonbons so they needed little cardboard homes for being gifted away. A little tissue paper helped!

For embellishing the packages I used  printables and small tages.

Get all those printables and tags and 120 more by buying my Holiday printables bundle. 

Like these happy holidays and merry Christmas printable tags. These need very little ink and can be used folded or single sided. There’s a blank option for you to write the recipient’s name like I did below:

By the way I had a couple mugs from my shop to be given as gifts. I kept one of the California poppies watercolor mugs for myself, by the way. Inside the box and inside the mug I put a lot of yolk yellow tissue paper; that will be a colorful unexpected surprise when the box is open.

I don’t have a proper Christmas tree at home because we  usually spend the holidays at my little village, so I had to improvise.

Ok so those gifts are under the trees right? Ha!

Gifts wrapped in kraft paper and colorful printable christmas cards by blursbyai (7)

This is our entryway… (the log with fairy lights is up all year round).

Close up of the collection of gift-wrapped packages cozying on those fuzzy rugs.

Happiest holidays!

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