Best seller “Abey” watercolor world map, now available in smaller sizes

I finally found the time to make a version of my soft neutral watercolor world map  that can be printed in 20×16″ and 24×18″…

You can order this world map as personalized printable file (from 20×16″ to 60×40″) from blursbyaishop and have it printed as:

  • Personalized framed push pin map, in 7 choices of frames, 20×16″, 24×18″ and 36×24″
  • Personalized canvas print, from 20×16″ to 60×40″ (framing options available!)
  • Personalized canvas push pin map, from 20×16″ to 60×40″
  • Personalized paper print, from 20×16″ to 60×40″

Where? Recommended shops for printing blursbyai’s printable files & Guide for making a push pin map.

Not exactly what you are looking for? questions? I’m right here: