Orchards and vegetable gardens

A couple days ago I said I will show you some of our orchards so, here I am with lots of pictures.

This one is near our home and it is filled with apple, cherry, hazelnut and plum trees:


Beautiful sunny day, right? I took that picture today.


This one below is my father’s favorite orchard. Its a bit farther, in a hillside and he’s planted over 120 trees in there. When I was little I always climbed the mountain while gathering fossils (that I still keep, by the way).


The trees are still young but they grow beautiful apples:



What a gorgeous color those apples have!

This one below is a vegetable garden near a water stream:



There are trees around the border, and then pumpkins, zucchini plants, cabbages, green beans, peas, potatoes and onions!

Those two have followed me… Coco is the black and white one, and Maia is the siamese one (she is Coco’s mom):


That’s Coco resting on a dam (If it fits I sits).


Some close ups of the plants:

And let’s finish with a picture of Maia resting under the shadow of an apple tree:


See you all in my next country life post.