Summer harvest

As many of you know I am from a very, very, very small village in the mountais of Spain, and that’s where I am spending this summer.

Everyone, and I mean, everyone in the town has an orchard or vegetable garden, or both. In my family we have quite a few. I promise I will show you some of our lands one of these days.

Yesterday I took some pictures of fresh-from-the-garden, ecological zucchini, cucumbers and green beans:

Zucchini, cucumbers and green beans

The thing about zucchini is that when the plant starts to produce, there are zucchini EVERYWHERE. Tons of them. At the time. So we have to give them away as gifts because we are flooded.

These were around the house as well:


Thyme, tea, yarrow and St Joh’s wort were picked from the fields and mountains around us. Sage, mint and oregano are home-grown.


Our tea kinda smells and tastes a bit lemony. On winter, if you get a cold, you can drink a hot herbal infusion made with tea, oregano, mint, a bit of lemon juice and honey. It works wonders!

See you all in my next country life post.