Teal watercolor ferns

Autumn is upon us, and as the leaves begin to change and the air gets a bit cooler, I find myself reaching for warmer, richer colors in my artwork. This season, I’ve been obsessed with the lush and vibrant shade of teal – a hue that perfectly captures the essence of a crisp fall day.

I’m excited to introduce my latest collection: hand-painted watercolor ferns in this captivating teal. There’s something intrinsically autumnal about the delicate fronds of ferns.

The collection boasts six distinct fern leaf designs, in the loose watercolor style that has been my recent passion. Additionally, there’s a multifrond pattern that brings together the magic of each design, and for those who love a good collage, a piece featuring all nine in a simple square layout.

This particular design looks absolutely stunning printed across nine wooden squares – it’s a piece of wall art that can truly anchor a room.

For the watercolor aficionados out there, I’ve used the “White Nights” watercolor set from Russia – their pigments are an absolute dream to work with. The artisanal cotton paperwas sourced from a small Etsy store in the UK.

I’ve also dabbled with my new camera, capturing these prints in a moody aesthetic. There’s a certain thrill in framing my artwork and then photographing it, seeing how each design can come alive in a space.

So, whether you’re an avid reader of home magazines, an interior designer sourcing unique pieces for clients, or simply someone who loves to refresh their space with the changing seasons, these fern prints might just be the touch of autumnal elegance you’re looking for.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey!

Browse the fern collection here.