Are you curious about the correct way to say “blursbyai”?

This was my logo back in 2014. It was handwritten modern calligraphy.


The proper pronunciation is “blurs-bye-eye“. No, it isn’t associated with AI, or artificial intelligence, as some might think. The ‘ai’ in blursbyai is really all about something more heartfelt.

The brand name “blursbyai” includes the Japanese word “ai”, which means love.

The concept was to encapsulate the passion and dedication that goes into each creation. So, “blursbyai” symbolizes the wonderful things that can be created with a labor of love and an attention to detail. It is more than a brand name; it’s a representation of the devotion that’s put into every piece of work.

So, next time you see “blursbyai”, remember it’s not about robots or artificial intelligence, it’s all about genuine love and care.