Antarctica or no Antarctica, that’s the problem.

I get asked many times if I can add Antarctica to my maps, so I’m going to list the options here.

This is the layout I have most of my maps in: (with more or less labels on them)

In this layout, Antarctica can be added in its full size at the bottom because it simply doesn’t fit in our standard paper sizes. But it can be added as an inset at the bottom. Like we did here:

And here:

The layout that comes with Antarctica at the bottom in its correct size for that projection is this one:

The 36×24″ size is shown in the brown map. And below, in the hot pink watercolor world map, there’s the detail for the 48×32″ and 60×40″ sizes.

It’s noticceable that Antarctica takes up quite a bit of room at the bottom and the rest of the land masses (where most of the cities are) are smaller in comparison with the layout without Antarctica.