A very merry library

Or how to use a library for a variety of items, being books the least used.

I’ve got frames with my printables, I’ve got vases, I’ve got greenery, I’ve got wood slices, I’ve got fairy lights, I’ve got baubles, I’ve got trees and I’ve got crystal deers!

And a white origami (or low-poly) rhyno thanks to my niece Uxía.

The theme was, obviously, a winter forest in white, green and silver. What’s a rhyno doing in the middle of an scandinavian forest is an unsolved mistery.

The snow is… pompoms!

Grab the Merry everything  printable for free in blursbyaishop.com. I’m loving the scandinavian vibes this year, wouldn’t you say?

This lace snowflake printable is available in gold and silver. And as holiday card 🙂

These little abstract watercolor pine trees also are part of one of my editable pdf cards.

The forest illustration was originally made for a  holiday card  but this year I decided to repurpose it as printable art. The deer head silhouette with gold-dipped antlers is a holiday favorite from previous years.

I had to take a close up of the minimalistic Rudolph printable. It’s just antlers and his red nose.

How gorgeous these are? The  bauble with the feather inside and the deers are from Zara Home while the glittery frosted trees are from El Corte Inglés.

Now I have to take off. Once I’ve started  decorating for the holidays, nothing can stop me.