Marble everything

Have you noticed how marble is almost everywhere these days? I’ve indeed noticed and joined the trend!

I made some abstract marble prints or printables in grey and gold. These below were printed in my home printer (no fancy printer needed, as you see)

But marble effect prints weren’t enough so I went ahead and I made…

Marble gray and gold mugs:

Gray and white marble iphone cases:

Gray and white marble shower curtains:

Gold, grey and white marble duvet covers (and comforters):

You get the idea…

Rose gold is a must, so… it should be incorporated somehow; rose gold, grey and white marble had to exist 🙂

Here is how the art print looks:

What’s to love about these marble patterns? They are so big that they don’t repeat. You can’t see a pattern per se on them; it looks like a giant piece of marble. This is important for large items like duvet covers:

If there wasn’t a pink marble in the collection one of my friends wasn’t going to talk to me anymore… so, here it is:

What about a bohemian pink marble and gold foil world map. It looks just perfect as a tapestry, which can be used as wall decor or as bed decor for summertime.

Any request? Just message me!