Diy push pin map = frame + foamboard + map print

Last month I made this framed push pin board with one of my maps, for a dear friend of mine (Hi Silvia!). So, I want to show you how I made it because it is very easy.

You will need:

Do it yoursef:

My frame was not store-bought, so I painted and varnished it.

My father, who used to be a carpenter, made this simple wood frame for me.

I was looking for a distressed look, so I painted the frame twice with satin finish varnish. Then, on top of that, I painted a coat of white acrylic paint. Then I sanded the frame until it looked grunge and distressed :

After that, I coated it in satin varnish again.

A frame + a foamcore board + a map print.

I measured foamboard to fit the frame and then I taped the map on top of the foam, centered:



Then, I placed the foam inside the frame:

On the back we used the ugliest nails we had at hand (for securing the foam inside the frame):

That’s it!

The map is ready for push pins:

Any questions? Would you like a personalized map? I’m right here: