Architectural sketches

Let’s start by saying that, after looking for pictures for this post, I feel old.

I studied Architecture in Valladolid. It’s an unusual career because you’re expected to understand maths, physics, structural calculations, art history, aesthetics, building techniques, computer-assisted drawing, modelling and rendering, project management… and you’re supposed to have exceptional freehand drawing skills.

During my first two years studying architecture, there were many drawing classes and assignments. The one below is a quick pencil and watercolor sketch I made in 1999 of the Guggenheim NY museum by F. Lloyd Wright.

We drew in class. But we were also expected to draw on the street, “on the spot.” That meant sitting on the street for 4 hours, to be exact. The final test for this subject took place in this way!

1999 or 2000 might seem recent until you try to search for pictures and realize there are almost NO photos at all. We carried around a camera with an actual film inside it, and you had space for 24 or 36 shots on that film. So, there aren’t many photos from that time!

This is what we used to do:

These are my friends, sitting on the floor of Plaza Mayor in Valladolid. (I’m the one taking the picture). We carried A3 folders, paper, pencils… and we drew for hours. On this day, we were protesting against engineers taking over our legal competencies as architects. And someone thought that drawing was the best way to protest. I was a bit puzzled by that choice! From left to right: Rubén, Sara, Inés, Elena, Cristina, Marisa, and María.

In the next picture, I’m the one on the right. To my left is my friend Cristina (Hi, Cris!).

Here are a couple more images of these vintage sketches of mine… This particular one captures the interior of Catedral de León, a magnificent Gothic cathedral from my home province.

And this sketch features the church, Notre Dame du Haut, in Ronchamp, France, designed by Le Corbusier. Do take note of the teacher’s signature and date in the top right corner. 🙂

Lately I’ve been considering that I should add architectural sketches to my shop. So one day I took the plunge and I started adding some. Like these:

Good news: now I can take a gazilion pictures while painting… like this in progress picture of the Flatiron building sketch:

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the story-telling time and my new designs.

– Rosana

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