Easy DIY for displaying a calendar for the New Year!

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a great holiday season with your loved ones. I sure have.

Today I am going to show you how easily you can display a calendar print.

diy calendar printable display

You’d need:

  • A printable calendar or a calendar print. In my case I am using a luster paper print of my donut calendar in 16×20″
  • Washi tape. I used solid gold washi tape.
  • Foam core board.
  • Paper cutter knife, for cutting the board to size. I made mine a bit bigger than the print itself. I wanted extra espace around.
  • Scissors, for cutting the tape.
  • Ruler and pencil, for measuring.

diy calendar print display

The process is very simple:

  1. Get a printable calendar or calendar print you want to display. These are my 2017 calendars.
  2. Measure and cut the board to desired size.
  3. Center the print on the board.
  4. Use washi tape around the print. I cut arrows on my tape, for a little extra cuteness.
  5. Find a place near your desk and rest it against the wall. No need to make holes on the wall  🙂

how to display a printable calendar display

Happy new year!

  • Rosana