Baby bunnies update

Hi everyone! The other day I showed you some pictures of newly born bunnies and today I want to share some new pics of them growing.

2 days old bunnies:


4 days old:


5 days old:


At this moment they are not hairless anymore!

10 days old bunnies:


There are five white rabbits, five grey ones and one that is black and white.

There are other little balls of fur around here so, I grabbed a couple of them as well. They were NOT amused.

A brown-grey one:

And a white one:


They are soft, they are small and they are very cute! But they don’t like you grabbing them and they get a little scared. When I was a child I used to take them out of their dwellings frequently. If you do it, they get used to it and they can become pets. In fact, earlier this year, one of my cousins adopted a baby bunny pet.

See you all in my next country life post.