Our Brunch Wedding Reception

Lovely post by Anna about her brunch wedding reception. I can’t thank her enough for having choosed me for her hanging signs (the ones with love quotes) and menus 🙂

Yanta -363

Ever since getting back from our honeymoon from Belize in March (details coming soon!) I’ve been SO excited to share our brunch  wedding reception. For those who know Erick and I, we’ve already shared a lot of the photos on our Facebook pages, but we waited to share menus and food shots until now. Warning – this post WILL make you hungry!

When we first announced we wanted to have an early wedding, we caught A LOT of flack. Family members and friends would ask if we were going to have a dance, would people even show up that early (mind you, our reception began at 11:30am and the ceremony at 10:00am – Seriously?! That isn’t early by my standards), and then if we were just going to have breakfast food. It was really disheartening!

Erick and I stuck with what WE wanted and tuned out the noise. Besides, a…

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