Printable gifts (1)

Printable files are fantastic as last-minute gift ideas! Just choose your printable design, place your order, edit it (if it’s editable, like these) download your files and have them printed locally (photo lab, Costco, Staples…). What about a set of neutral world map and US maps? These are 20×16″, to be printed on paper:

Bringing holiday printables to life!

This is an easy way to add real sparkle to a printable ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„. It all starts with this watercolor tree artwork, ModgePodge and some glitter.

Turrรณn de chocolate recipe

Here’s an easy Spanish holiday recipe: you only need chocolate (250 g), chocolate rice puffs (30 g), vanilla (a tablespoon) and butter (35 g). Melt the chocolate and butter in the microwave (450w, 30 second intervals). My chocolate is Nestle’s milk chocolate. Add the vanilla and mix them together: Add 30 g rice puffs (mine…

Throwback Thursday: the time I painted a dining table

Back in 2004, my father asked me to paint one of the tables that he had built. I found some pictures of the process today: There are holly, hawthorn, ash tree and hazelnut branches, and apple and pear tree leaves. And they are painted with oils. As soon as I find the picture of the…

Minimalist Rudolph

See what you can do with a simple printable, a random frame, and some gold washi tape: Or, if you are not into printables, you can get this Rudolph design from my society6 store or redbubble store. Many options to choose from!

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