How printable glitter and printable faux gold foil look when printed

gold and black fashion illustration printable art by blursbyai.jpg

My gold foil and glitter style printables or prints won’t use any kind of gold ink for printing (in fact no printable from any shop will). They print just like a photography of glitter or foil, using standard inks.

I would highly recommend printing them at a shop or photo lab. The quality is better than printing at home and usually cheaper!

The one shown above is a fashion sketch, in gold foil effect printed in luster photo paper.

Metallic glossy photo paper

From my point of view, the BEST paper for printing anything with glitter or faux gold foil effect is the Metallic Fine Art Paper. It features a high-gloss, metallic surface which delivers sharp, vibrant, and phenomenally rich-looking prints.

This is a quick video I made, trying to capture how this paper reflects light: (Sorry for the quality, this paper is very hard to take pictures of)

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Metallic glossy photo paper

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It looks way better in person, I promise!

Let’s see a few more pictures of this paper:

Glossy photo paper

This paper is the one you’d find at most photo labs. It goes well for printables with glitter or faux gold foil effect. The main difference is that all the surface of the print would be glossy. Even if it has a white background. A print in Metallic photo paper will reflect light mostly where there is ink applied on the paper.

Printing in glossy photo paper in a photo lab is great for wedding signs or table numbers, for example. Something that you are not going to keep after the event.

As I said before, these papers are hard to photograph, due to their glossiness, so I scanned a couple images. Basically the printed item looks exactly like the digital printable image:


Semi glossy photo paper (sometimes called luster paper)

If you are looking for something that’s not that glossy, you can have your files printed in semi-gloss photo paper. It has a grainy texture and it looks great for bright colors and gold effects. Two pictures:


Satin photo paper.

“Lexy”, highly detailed world map in gold foil and teal watercolor, printed on satin photo paper.

Frames with plexy or glass

This picture below shows a custom map I made. Land masses are faux gold foil and the background is navy blue+white stripped pattern. As you can see, it looks great and the paper it has been printed on is not that important because the frame has an acrylic sheet on top of the print.

navy and gold world map


You will find lots of glitter printables and faux gold foil effect printables in

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