Scattered geometric snowflakes

A minimal, yet cute design for the cold season! White background and black background versions are already up in my Redbubble store. There are mugs, zip pouches, drawstring bags, throw blankets and pillows, lots of stickers… I also have separate snowflakes (that you can see in my DIY Primark frames wall statement decor) and I’ve…

Meowrry baubles

Meow meow, meowrry baubles in this collection in society6 or this other collection in redbubble (art prints, greeting cards, posters, mini prints… all the fun products for purrfect holiday).

Cute cats and mouse holiday stickers

Adorable cats snuggled in holiday mugs? A charming mouse tucked inside a festive stocking? A sleigh transporting a Christmas tree? And whimsical mushrooms inspired by iced cookies? Need I say more? Find these in my Redbubble store 🙂

My holiday prints at Europosters

Hey there, holiday decorators! Looking for that perfect Nordic touch for your space? Check out my selection of festive designs over at Europosters. We’ve got a small assortment, from cool snowflakes and stylized deers, to simple pinecone photography and artsy watercolor trees. Check my holiday prints, framed prints and canvas prints at Europosters here and…

My cat Coco in a holiday mug

This is Coco, the youngest of my three cats. He is 8 years old. I love him with all my heart ❤️, so I made a design using his likeness. Check out this holiday cute cat design on my Redbubble store. Follow Coco and his friends @thegatines

Teal watercolor ferns

Autumn is upon us, and as the leaves begin to change and the air gets a bit cooler, I find myself reaching for warmer, richer colors in my artwork. This season, I’ve been obsessed with the lush and vibrant shade of teal – a hue that perfectly captures the essence of a crisp fall day….

Seven pears

Introducing “Seven Pears” 🍐. Okay, I might not win any awards for the most creative title, but sometimes, simplicity says it all! This artwork is all about the beauty and vibrance of one of my favorite fruits. Perfect for adding a touch of nature’s elegance to your space. Let me know what you think! Lively…

Fall still life with pears

Embracing the beauty of fall with this super autumnal design 🍁🍂. Dive into a modern still life filled with pears, chestnuts, purple-toned leaves, and vibrant clementines. Thrilled to introduce a piece from my latest collection: ‘Lively Nature’ 🍐🍊🍃. Let the season inspire your space! Lively nature collection in Society6

Lemons and bougainvillea

🎨 Presenting one of my latest prints – a vibrant and expressive still life of lemons and bougainvillea! 🍋💐 Which photo option do you prefer? The colorful floral backdrop or the one with an almost gray background? Lively nature collection on Society6