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Templates in .docx format for Microsoft Word


0. How do I open a zip file?

I’ve gathered video tutorials for unzipping files here.


1. Picture compression.

Word compresses pictures quality by default. We don’t want that!

You can turn off compression on your Word program by following these steps.


2. How to disable protected view in Word while opening downloaded files

If you see a warning at the top of the screen when you open your template that reads something like  “This file originated from an Internet location and might be unsafe” , it happens just because it is a downloaded file. Please click on “enable editing” and you are ready to move fordward and edit. More info.


3. The image on the background of my document is too light.

The image appears lightened when editing but when printed it will be perfect. There are PDF samples included in each package where you can see how it should look when finished.


4. Fonts.

Most font designers don’t allow to distribute their fonts even when they are free. I include a txt file on every package with links to the fonts used so you can download and install that font on your computer.

I try to use free for personal use fonts whenever possible. The great thing about Word templates is that you can use any font you have on your computer.

You can use the fonts I used or you can download fonts from dafont or similar pages. Any font you like!

If you install any font, please close Word and open it again so the font shows once installed.

If you open the file and you don’t have the fonts I used, the program will replace the font for a default font you have. If you install my suggested fonts, close Word and open it again. Tada!

If you send your Word document to other person and they are not able to see the same fonts on their computer, this is happening because they don’t have the fonts you’ve used installed on their computer. Have them install the fonts and problem solved!


5. How should I edit this template?

Easy. On top of the background image there are text boxes. Just write your desired wording on them.

Tip: please don’t use too many text effects, like 3D, shadows, lights… unless you have a very powerful computer. You may get a memory error.

Then print it on your own home printer or print them as pdf using a free program like Cute PDF Writer . This is a video tutorial that shows how to download and install this program.


6. Can I add more pages?

If you add more pages, you’d get the background automatically. But you’d need to copy and position the text boxes on each sheet, which is very boring and time consuming.

On the templates from big brands, they use the same layout, with text boxes that don’t automatically appear on the next page.

So, the fastest thing to do is making a different document for each page.

Just customize the first sheet, save as ANYNAME_PAGE01.doc, edit it again with different data (guest names, for example) and save it again as ANYNAME_PAGE02.doc

And so on…


7. Printing to PDF using cutepdf

I recommend printing to pdf using Cute PDF and I don’t recommend saving the file as PDF directly from Word, because, again, the pictures will be compressed (Microsoft Word does this and there is no easy way to change it).

Cute PDF is just like a printer, but instead of printing to a sheet of paper, it will print to a PDF file.

My PDF samples, included in each package, have been printed to PDF using Cute PDF.

CutePDf Writer Frequently Asked Questions.

Once you have cutepdf installed, please make sure that the default paper size in cutepdf is the same size than you have in your template.

If your template is letter size, the default paper in cutepdf should be letter size too.

If your template is A4, cutepdf default paper size should be A4.

If your template is two 5×7″ table numbers set in a letter size sheet, your paper size is letter size and cutepdf default paper size should be letter.

If your paper size is 16×20″ or 22×22″, please scroll down for more info.


8. Your printer margins. 

All my background images are full page but common printers won’t print all the way through the border of the paper. No problem. You will just miss the final part of the cutting marks and / or my copyright text.

If you want to use an 8×10″ template for cutting you can use this jpg file or this pdf file.

Important: when printing, if asked about adjusting your image to your printing margins, say no. Printing scale should be 100%

If you adjust the image you won’t get your cards/signs/invites in the correct size. They would be a bit smaller.


……… Additional info for 4×6″,16×20″ and 22×22″ templates ………..

If the size of your template is different than letter size (or A4) you need to make some adjustments in your cutepdf printer settings.

On the printer preferences, create a custom size in 4×6″, 16×20″ or 22×22″. Margins should be 0. Make this the default paper size for cutepdf. Get sure that this is the selected size when printing to pdf.  Margins should be 0″ each.divider

How to add a custom paper size (from CutePDF FAQ):

Go to Control Panel -> Printers and Faxes. Choose Server Properties command on File menu. Add your paper size on Forms tab. Then, please select exact matched paper size (and orientation) during printing (in print dialog box, click on Properties -> Advanced).

On Windows 7/8, please go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Print Management -> Printer Servers -> %computer name% -> Forms. Click on Action menu -> Manage Forms to add the custom form.


On windows 10, please use this way: Video tutorial using a different method, here. Make the custom size the default paper size for cutepdf. Restart Word if needed.


I’ll sumarize the process:

1 – In your printers, select cutePDF, then add a new form paper in 4×6″, 16×20″or 22×22″. Make this the default paper size for cutepdf.

2 – In word, get sure that that’s the paper size that is selected

3 – In word, get sure that you have cutePDF selected as printer by. If it is not selected, select it. You should see in the preview how the document changes and shows the new size and margins.


If you want to convert your resulting pdf file to jpg you can use this page. (Select “excelent” as jpg quality). JPG files can be printed in photo labs just like big pictures from your camera.

And finally, if you have trouble with these, you can send me a message and your edited template and I will generate a pdf for you.


I hope this covers all possible problems, but if you need me, you can contact me right here: