Printable map customizations by blursbyai

Hi! thank you for looking 🙂

I have a lot of maps in my shop and I can customize them for you even more.  Here you’ll find some ideas and pictures of maps I’ve already made.


Map keys or legends.

I can make a personalized legend for your map.


Long distance relationship maps, international love maps, or wedding guestbook maps:

I can add markers and dotted lines to any of my map designs.





Wedding guestbook alternatives:

My wedding guestbook maps can be made from any of my existing maps and layouts. I usually make the land masses smaller, adding empty space around for your guests to sign.

Customized with your names + date / only names / family name Est. Year / hearts…



Wedding guestbook alternative - signable world map


Do you want to order a customized map? You can place your order here in or here my Etsy shop.

Questions? You can contact me right here: