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Frequently Asked Questions and Shop Policies

Welcome to blusbyaiShop! Please note I live in Spain. I try to answer messages as soon as possible and if its night time for me I will answer in the morning.


How can I open or extract a zip file?

Sometimes I need to pack my files in a zip file, specially if they are too big or too many files. You can open them with free programs like 7zip, winrar, with Windows itself… I’ve gathered links and tutorials here.


Can you send me my files again?

I keep the personalized files for 30 days. Please download them and store them on your computer or a external hard disk or a cloud service. If 30 days have gone by after we finished your order, I may no longer have the files.

Most of the times I delete the files unless there’s something special that makes me keep them. If you want me to remake your order for you, a fee will be charged (this fee varies depending on the product you ordered). Please inquiry.


How can I edit a template for word?

Easy: take a look at my troubleshooting guide.



I’m gathering the pictures you send me in my customer gallery. If you want to send me yours, just message me and I will add it to the collection. You can tag me on instagram too @blursbyai . Thank you!




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Fake “Glitter” or “faux gold foil” printable images:

My glitter printables or metallic foil printables will print just like a picture. The glitter look is just a fake glitter texture and therefore no actual glitter or metallic foil will appear when printed.

Here you can see some pictures of printable glitter, printable gold foil and printable sparlky bacgrounds.

If you have doubts, please convo me. I can send you a quality sample image.


Map disclaimer.

My maps are artworks and are not intended to be used for teaching purposes although they are accurate and they are made from real base maps made by cartographers according to the US Department of State. Different countries have different names for some locations and that would be impossible to reflect in premade maps. -

Size reference:

Size reference


Before going to the print shop….

Please! Download your files to your computer BEFORE going to the print shop. Then copy them to a USB memory stick. Or email/uplodad the files from the computer to the print shop.

If you have any problem, please message me. Sometimes bugs happen. Also, from work most people can’t download files from dropbox or similar services.

Using a computer for downloading the files is strongly recommended (some of my files, are really big). Phones or tablets sometimes can’t manage those huge files. Thank you.



Recommended shops for printing  – Where can I print my purchase?

You can print it yourself at home (specially if your order is printer friendly) or you can take it to any print shop near you. (Walgreens, Kinko, Costco, Office Depot…)

Or you can use an online photo finisher or printable posters, canvases and cards.
More detailed info and links to many shops.




Recommended papers for printing  – What kind of paper?

  •  For any of my printables that has “fake glitter” in it I would choose glossy photo paper (the same you’d choose for pictures taken with your camera) or satin photo paper. If you are using a frame with glass, you’ll need to add a mat so the picture does not stick to the glass. This does not happen if the frame has an acrylic sheet instead of glass.
  • If your printable is watercolor style, you can use textured paper for a more realistic look
  • For other printables you can choose glossy, lustre or matte photo paper.
  • For black and white, printer friendly printables you can choose heavy cardstock or even textured (or colored) paper as it won’t mess with the colors.


Where can I purchase push pins or small stickers for my map? Here.


Copyright releases for personal use.

Some print shops are asking for a copyright release these days for you to print the file you purchased. If you are at the shop, first of all, try to show them the invoice or transaction of purchase. Sometimes it works and will save you time.

If that doesn’t work, please mesage me and I will send you a PDF copyright release as soon as possible.


Modifications on instant download items:

If you want any modification on instant download items, please, convo me first.

Instant downloads are sold as they are, in listed sizes, colors and quotes. Etsy sends them automatically once the order is placed and paid.

If you want a custom quote print or a color change, I will create a reserved listing for you.



My maps are artworks and are not intended to be used for teaching purposes.



SIZE: please select your final size for the invite/menu/program or message me if you have doubts so I can help you choose the right size and format to fit your needs.
Changing the size of the invite once it has been customized is the same work as doing it for the fist time and there will be an additional charge for this (50% of the invite listing value)

Please provide the exact wording for your invite (exact upper/lower case).
Please proofread your text carefully and send it to me just as you would like it printed. I won’t edit your text unless I see an ovbious error or it needs line breaks to fit in the layout.
Please don’t forget reply dates, contact phone numbers and look carefully at the names/last names.

I will customize your invitation and I will send a proof for you to revise and aprove. After that I will only do revisions to fix my errors (like typos) included in the price.

For other modifications there will be an aditional charge.

I will send the invite in the exact size, along with bleeded version for you to have the correct file for printing at home, at a photo lab or photo kiosk. Please don’t hesitate to message me with any doubt. I’m happy to help.



Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund, modification or exchange.

Same policies for blursbyaishop.com and blursbyaiShop.etsy.com

Digital downloads or printable files: These phrases refer to a digital file that you’d get via download link, email or instant download and therefore no physical item will be send to your postal adress.



For all orders, prices are final at time of sale. Prices may vary up or down during year.

All coupon codes must be applied at the time of purchase. There is no possibility of appying a code after checkout. If you are having trouble using my promo codes, please contact me and I will gladly help you!



There are two types of digital downloads in my shop:


1 – Instant digital downloads.

These will be available to you right after your order is placed and your payment is processed. You’ll get an email with your download link automatically.


2 – Customizable printable files. 

Customizable items can’t be shipped via instant download so I will give you your personal download link.

These download liks will be sent via Etsy conversation to you within my current turnaround time. The link will be active for 30 DAYS, so please save it on your computer when you get it.

You’ll get your link via Etsy shipping notification email at least. Also, I usually send and email to your registered email, a shipping update on Paypal and a convo. At least 2 different ways to get your link.

Please, if you don’t get any of them or you can’t find your download link, please contact me and look in your spam folder or your promotions tab on gmail. I will gladly send you the link or the files as many times as needed.

You are responsible for contacting me if you don’t get the link.

The files sent by me using a shared folder will be available to you for 30 DAYS. After that, I will remove the files from my shared folder. Please download them and save them on your computer, where you can keep them stored.

Thank you.



Our policy lasts 60 days. If 60 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund, modification or exchange.



Due to the nature of this digital items once a file has been sent or downloaded it can’t be returned, and therefore there is no possibility of refunding. If you have doubts please message me before purchasing or downloading the files.



If you bought one of my items available on Etsy or in my shop as instant download and you haven’t downloaded it you can get a refund by messaging me so I can cancel your order.

No refunds will be made if the files have been downloaded because there is no possibility of returning them.



If you are ordering a custom or customizable item please note that you can cancel your order only BEFORE I starting working on it and your proof or final file has been sent. So, if you ordered something by mistake, please contact me and let me know as soon as possible so we can cancel your order before I start working on it.

No refunds on custom orders. When you order a custom item you are paying for my time essentially.
That means that I won’t refund your order:
– if you don’t know how to print it,
– if you are not going to use it,
– if you find problems at the shop that are not my fault (like if you ordered a small size and you want to blow it up at the printing shop, which can’t be done)
– if the shop prints it badly,
– etc.

If you have any question about a custom order you can message me anytime, before or after placing it.


__________  PRINTABLE FILES – MISTAKES OR TYPOS: __________

I’m human and I can make mistakes as everyone else.

If you are ordering a custom item, I beg you to revise it carefully before printing. Both you or me can make a typo or mistake on the wording or the design. You can rest assured: I will fix my mistakes right away (without any additional fee) but I can only send you a revised file.
There won’t be a refund or economic compensation if you already printed the item.

Please, please, please revise names, surnames, dates, and contact info, specially for invitations or signs, before printing them.


__________ PRINTABLE FILES – DISPLAY COLORS : __________

Display color on your monitor can be very different of the printed color on your printer. I can do nothing about it, so sorry, but each monitor and printer are different and maybe they are not calibrated. If you have this problem, please google how to calibrate your display and printer. I can’t refund or modify my items for free if you get this problem.

You can ask me for a sample of any item you are interested in. If you have doubts, please convo me before purchasing. I can send you a quality sample of the images you are interested in 🙂



In all my listings I state the size and resolution of the printable.
If a printable is 8×10″ it is made specially to be printed in that size, not bigger, not smaller. Please don’t blow up the files at the printing shop.

All my products will be send in the correct size and resolution. I’m currently using 300 dpi and/or 360 dpi files depending on the design.

If you have problems when you print them at the print shop or online, please let me know . I will check your file, I will make sure it is correct, and we can check the size of the file you printed, just in case something happened while downloading.

Unfortunately, if the size and resolution of the file I made for you is the same size you ordered I can’t be of any further help.

I have no control of the quality of the printing shops, amount of ink used, state of their ink cartridges, paper… and therefore I can’t refund your order because of printing problems that are not under my control.

I wish I could. Thank you for your understanding.


__________ GIFT CARDS ________

If you purchased a gift card and you want to cancel your order, you can get a refund within 60 days from your purchase. Obviously if the gift card hasn’t been redeemed. The refund will be issued to the method of payment you used. Just let me know.

If someone gifts a Blursbyai Gift Card to you, you can pay using its balance in my standalone shop like you would pay with money. Same rules apply when asking for a refund or cancellation of a sale.


Customizable products – time frame:

If you order a customizable product from me and you don’t send a message with the necessary info for customizing it I will message you to the email you used when ordering. If I can’t get an answer from you, I will refund and cancel your order within 30 days. You are welcome to place your order again anytime. I totally understand that you may be busy or sick or on a travel or simply you are not getting my emails.

-DIGITAL DOWNLOADS – Images License:

Please refer to each listing license, at the bottom of each description. There are personal use and commercial use licenses.

Personal use license: 

You can print my printables for yourself or give them as a printed gift. If you are gifting it more than 3 times, please purchase another one. Thank you for your support!

Commercial use is not allowed. What’s comercial use? Easy: if you are making money with it, it is commercial use.

Redistributing for free or reselling these items is not allowed.

Purchasing my printables and reselling them as printed items is not allowed.

Purchasing my printables and reselling them is not allowed.

By purchasing these images you are not purchasing the rights.

All copyrights are retained by the artist. ©2013-2016 blursbyai. If you have any questions or you need an extended license, please, contact me.


Commercial use license for cliparts

The textures can be used both for personal or commercial purposes.

It is not acceptable to distribute for free or resell these images as images themselves, separately or as part of a pack. You can’t claim the images as created by you.

It is acceptable to use them commercially in things such as: etsy shop items (banners, avatars…), printed items (jewelry, cards, scrapbooking, tags…) or any digital work provided that these images can´t be extracted from your product. You can either use the digital files themselves or print out the images for your paper craft needs.

By purchasing these images you are not purchasing the rights. All copyrights are retained by the artist. ©2013-2016 blursbyai

Again, please refer to each listing where tehere is a link to its license.

By purchasing these images you are not purchasing the rights. All copyrights are retained by the artist. ©2015 blursbyai / ai design studio.

I, as the artist, am the copyrigth holder of any custom order I make unless it’s been discussed and paid as an EXCLUSIVE custom order. This is stated on my logo designs, for example. They come with “exclusive” price options.

I reserve the right of reselling custom orders or items based on custom orders on my shop.



WHOLESALE – digital products.

Wholesale orders welcome. If you have any questions or you’d like to buy comercial licenses, please, mesagge me. I’m happy to help!
Thank you.