Detailed instructions – How to order framed art prints at Artisan Print & Frame Co.

Ordering framed art from Artisan is easy and there are many gorgeous frame choices.

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Step 0:  You need a file for printing.

I’ve got you covered, with hundreds of ready-made files, customizable ones and custom design work. My shop:

Step 1: The printing.

Artisan offers several printing options: Photo papers, canvas and metal:

Today we are going to select photo papers:

There are tree different paper choices: matte, luster and metallic.

  • Matte: I like matte for chalkboard style printables, typography art and solid color maps
  • Luster: this is a grainy paper that is perfect for bright colors, gold effect, bokeh or glitter effect…
  • Metallic: I love this paper for faux gold foil effect.

You just have to select size, paper type and quantity. Then Add to cart.

Printing done!

Step 2: The framing.

This step is very difficult because all the frame mouldings are so pretty that you will have a hard time deciding which one you’ll order! There are rustic style frames, metallic ones and classic ones.

Let’s take a look at all frame choices in the frame store. Like these:

I’m going to pick one of my favorites, the white distressed frame. If you have been looking around my blog you probably have noticed that I use this frame for many of my pictures. It’s so versatile! it matches many decor styles (rustic, boho, escandinavian…). I love it!

First you’d select size.

There are two options: frame only or frame + plexi. We do want the frame and plexi option.

Plexi is the thin acrylic sheet that goes over the print (instead of a glass). In my opinion this acrylic sheet is better than actual glass because it is light weigh and it doesn’t break.

By selecting the frame+plexi option, your order will include a thin cardboard-like backing sheet for protecting the artwork. The product you will receive will be fully assembled and ready to hang.

The only step left is adding to cart and proceeding to checkout.

For getting a 10% discount, you need to enter my coupon code blursbyai10 at checkout (please don’t forget the code, because entering it at checkout is the only way to redeem it).

That’s it! If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Artisan (we are real persons!):