Detailed instructions – How to order a map in paper, mounted on foamcore board from Lumaprints

A map printed on paper and mounted in foamcore board makes a great first year anniversary gift (“Paper anniversary”).

Let’s take a look at how you can order one of my printable maps as mounted fine art paper print.

Before showing you the screenshots, I have to say that you can use coupon code blursbyai at checkout for 50% off product value (excluding shipping). Great deal, right? Write it down on a piece of paper or write it down on your phone, but don’t forget to enter the code at checkout!

You’d go here: Order fine art paper prints.

Now it’s time for choosing paper:

  • Archival matte fine art paper: it is a thick matte and white paper. It is suitable for all my maps.
  • Hot press fine art paper: this is a watercolor textured paper. It’s the one with a stronger texture. If you are going to print one of my “highly detailed maps”, I would not recommend this paper; please select the matte paper instead.
  • Cold press fine art paper. this is a watercolor textured paper, with a slighly softer texture.
  • Metallic fine art paper. This is the BEST paper for printing anything that has glitter or faux gold foil effect on it. It’s beautiful but very hard to take pictures of… I tried to capture how this paper reflects light in the following video:

Metallic glossy photo paper

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  • Semi-gloss fine art paper. Sometimes called luster, it is a grainy paper that works well with rich colors and faux gold foil effect or glitter effect.

So, you’d select one of these paper choices and the size of the print:

On the next screen you’ll see a place for uploading the file you purchased from me, and other options:

No bleed – image goes to edge of paper

Mounting: foam core mounting. They will add a layer of foamboard under the print, that will provide support for push pins.

Their standard turnaround is 3 business days, but if you are in a rush, you can select next day production. It’s great for deadlines!

Now click on “Add to cart” and don’t forget to enter coupon code blursbyai at checkout for 50% off product value (excluding shipping).

Questions? Not sure which paper you’d use for the printable map you ordered? I’m right here: