Detailed instructions – How to order a framed canvas push pin map from Lumaprints

These framed canvas prints from Lumaprints are an statement piece. Gorgeous, well crafted and visually appealling. I work with Lumaprints everyday and I could not be happier!

These are pictures of a 20×16″ canvas print (1.5″ thick), with a gold floating frame.


Before showing you the screenshots, I have to say that you can use coupon code blursbyai at checkout for 50% off product value. (excluding shipping). Nice deal, huh? Write it down on a piece of paper or write it down on your phone, but don’t forget to enter the code at checkout!

I’ll show you how easy ordering is.

Floating canvas frames from Lumaprints: black, white, silver and GOLD!

For ordering, you’d go here: Order framed canvas print 

Then you’d select the thickness of the canvas. It needs to be 1.5″ thick if you want the canvas marking your travels with push pins.

And its size. In this test I am going to select 16×20″.

On the next screen the first thing you have to do is uploading the file you ordered from me:

If you select “Digital proof to be provided”, you will be sent an email with a preview of how your canvas is going to look.

Then, you can choose one of the colors available for the floating frame: black, white or silver (at this moment).

Below there are hanging hardware options. I like the wire option for these framed canvas prints:

For the finish, I like the archival pigment ink with satin varnish: the archival pigment inks are more true to color under different light sources. This means that your printed item will be pretty similar to what you see on your screen. And satin varnish is what you see in the pictures of my printed products. This satin varnish protects the inks but it is not too glossy.

The foamcore underlayer is what provides support for the push pins, so, don’t forget to check this option.

The last option is the speed of production.

3 business days for production of a custom printed and framed canvas is pretty fast! But if you are in a rush, they have a next day production option as well.

You’ve finished entering options. Click on “Add to cart” and you will be taken to checkout. Don’t forget to use coupon code blursbyai at checkout for 50% off (excluding shipping).

Questions? Not sure which one of my maps is best for a push pin map? I’m right here: