Detailed instructions – How to order a framed canvas print from Lumaprints

Let’s start by saying that ordering a framed canvas from Lumaprints is easy!

This is the design and product I will be using as a sample today:

50% off? Yes, that’s correct.

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at checkout in Don’t forget to enter the coupon code!


Let’s get started. You’d click on order framed canvas print. I’m going to select 1.5″ thickness because I want the piece to be bold once it’s on the wall. But 0.75 is fine if you prefer something lighter.

The printable file I am using is 16×20″ and the size of the canvas I want is 16×20″ as well.

Once you’ve selected size, you’d click next. The next screen would allow you to upload the file and select all the options.

Digital proof -> if you select this option you will be sent an email with a preview of how the canvas is going to look. A real person will send you this proof and if you have any question or issue you can ask them.

There are four frame color choices: black, white, silver and gold. Today I will be selecting the black one.

Border options: As we are using a file in 16×20″ and the background is white, we are going to select “solid color border” and later we’ll write that we want a white border.

Next, we’ll select the hanging hardware and optional backing.

A sawtooth hanger is perfectly fine. But you can also select a hanging wire, like I did. This is what the back would look like:

Sturdy, right?

If you are wondering what are these blackboard backings for, they serve as dust cover.


Ink options: For the ink I’d recommend archival pigment inks with satin varnish. The colors achieved with this ink are very similar to what you see in your screen and they are consistent under different light sources. The satin finish adds a scratch protection and it’s not too shiny.

Foamcore underlayer: none.

Special instructions: here it’s where you’d enter the color you want the edges of the canvas to be. White for this design.

We’ve finished!

Click on add to cart and you’ll be taken to the next screen where you can enter blursbyai as coupon code.

50% off 🙂 🙂

Now you’d just click on checkout for filling the shipping address and payment options, as you would in any online shopping site.

Questions? You can contact me or Lumaprints.