Detailed info: Ordering a framed push pin map with art file previously purchased from blursbyai

Any of my maps can be ordered as framed push pin map from Artisan Print & Frame Co. with a special discount because I am partnering with them:

Use coupon code


at checkout in Artisan Print & Frame Co. for 10% off your order (excuding shipping)

First of all, you need to decide the size you want your pinboard to be. Maps come with small labels and we want to be sure that everything is readable.

Kindly take a look at the world map store and see the sizes we offer:

Size 24×16″ (maps with no cities)

Size 30×20″ (maps can have cities labelled)

Size 36×24″ (maps can have cities labelled)

Size 40×30″ (maps can have cities labelled)

Size 48×32″ (maps can have cities labelled)

Two steps for ordering:

1 – Ordering the printable file from blursbyai.

Most customers order one of my personalizable world maps in a premade color combination. If you need something different, just let me know.

2 – Ordering the printing + mounting + framing from Artisan.

You’d visit the world map store, and you’d select a size. Let’s suppose you want to order a 36×24″ framed push pin map:



There are two drop down menus with options. In “image design” you’d select “Art Already Purchased”.

Under “Frame style” you’d select any of those seven pre selected frames:

Then you’d click on “Add to cart” and you’d proceed to checkout as usual.

Tip: If you tell me that you will be ordering a framed push pin map from Artisan, I can send them your file once it is approved by you, saving you a bit of work.