Detailed info: how to order a framed push pin map from Artisan Print & Frame Co.

Push pin maps are very trendy these days because they are not only a piece of art, but they also allow you to display the places you’ve visited or want to visit using push pins.

These are some framed push pin maps by blursbyai + Artisan we’ve already made:

A quick overview:

  • Personalized with custom quotes and names,
  • Many maps layouts and colors to choose from: world maps, maps of countries, continents or regions, whatever you need.
  • Sizes from 24×18″ to 48×32″,
  • Lots of frames to choose from: Seven pre-selected frames for easy choosing but there is a larger range of mouldings available.
  • They ship assembled and ready to hang

Whom are those push pin maps for?

  • Travel couples
  • First anniversary: as the map is printed on paper, push pinboards are great as first year “Paper Anniversary” gifts.
  • Newlyweds or engaged couples: A framed push pin map makes a great gift for couples starting a new life together as they can display their travels and bucket list destinations.
  • Boyfriends or husbands: just choose a “manly” map design and frame.


Easy ordering method: World map store at Artisan

Special offer:

Get 10% off your order (excluding shipping) at Artisan Print & Frame Co. when you enter my coupon code blursbyai10 at checkout.

We’ve selected six of our best seller maps that are available directly for ordering in the world map store at Artisan: Earth tones, neutral watercolor Abey, rustic Lucille, Gold effect Rossie, grayscale watercolor Jimmy and turquoise and taupe watercolor Kian.

If you would like a different world map or US map or something special, or if you’ve already ordered your printable file from me, kindly visit this article: “Ordering a framed push pin map with art file previously purchased from blursbyai“.

We’ve also pre-selected seven frame choices:

The world map store is sorted by size, so the first decision to make is size.

Size 24×16″ (maps with no cities)

Size 30×20″ (maps can have cities labelled)

Size 36×24″ (maps can have cities labelled)

Size 40×30″ (maps can have cities labelled)

Size 48×32″ (maps can have cities labelled)

Let’s suppose we want to order a 36×24″ framed push pin map. We’d be shown this screen:

And let’s select the gold map under “Image design”

And let’s select the gold “Champagne” frame under “Frame style”:

We are ready to add the pinboard to the cart.

This is the checkout screen. Don’t forget to enter my coupon code blursbyai10 at checkout for 10% off your order (excluding shipping).

After your order is received, we’ll contact you for customization details. And we will send you a digital proof for approval before the world map is printed.

Note: push pins are not included. I’ve gathered a list of recommended shops for purchasing needle push pins or map tacks.


Questions? Kindly message me: